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Collecting Frying Fat

We collect, transport and recycle all vegetable residual flows of oil and fats, empty grease pits and collect frying oil for restaurants, hotels, businesses, schools and sports canteens, institutional kitchens, snack bars and all other companies and organizations with a professional kitchen.

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We offer a variety of services to make y


We provide tailor-made emptying and cleaning solutions for your tank storage or vegetable oil installations. Solutions that are safe, sustainable, efficient and above all circular.

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Buying & Selling

All materials collected by us are given a sustainable destination and are used as raw materials in a useful and environmentally friendly way. In addition to supplying the residual flows collected by us, we also purchase sustainable raw materials to meet the needs of the second generation biofuel industry.

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Project Frituur


Residual flows from various sectors in which vegetable oils are used are valuable as sustainable raw materials for biofuels. To guarantee  sustainability of the various materials, the processes within Green Oil Recycling BV are certified according to the ISCC EU scheme.

We strongly believe that sharing is multiplying. Green Oil Recycling partners with charities to make a difference with our customers worldwide.


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Over ons

About us

Green Oil Recycling is available 24/7. Ask us and we will arrange it for you. Thanks to our flat organizational structure, are we uniquely able to keep the lines to our customers short. In addition, we can serve you well with various facilities such as mobile storage facilities, vacuum pump trucks and pump- and tank trucks.




Do you have a question for us? Or would you like to receive more information about our services? Please contact us using the form below. We aim to be responsive as fast as possible.

Green Oil Recycling BV

Tel: +31 (0)85 760 32 63

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