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For companies that uses various vegetable and / or animal oils and fats on a larger scale, or generate other residual flows, we can offer various tailor-made solutions. In addition to the standard systems, we can offer specific systems that can also be used in production areas. We can also load directly from your storage tanks with our tankers. We offer this service throughout Northwestern Europe. We currently recycle a wide range of residual flows of vegetable and animal oils and fats from large professional businesses. Our service, reliability and flexibility are often decisive for our customers.


We are convinced that waste flows have value and that is why we are the specialist in collecting used vegetable, animal fats & oils and recycling them into a basic product for the production of second-generation biodiesel.


By developing our own processing process, we succeed in getting as much energy as possible from these oils at the lowest possible cost. This allows us to pay compensation for used residual flows that are at the top in the Netherlands.


In addition to the aforementioned residual flows, we also process oil-containing residual flows and rejected batches from the food industry. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we can use almost all oil-containing materials of vegetable or animal origin for useful application, for example:

  • Soap stocks

  • Glycerin

  • Fatty Acids

  • Animal fat category III

  • All vegetable residues from refining oils.

  • Used cooking oil

  • Used oil greases catering industry

  • Organic residual flows (tank bottom)


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