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Collecting Frying Oil

Collection of used cooking fats and oils

Green Oil Recycling is specialized in  the collection of used frying fats and oils from catering establishments. We collect old frying fats and oils in accordance with the applicable legislation.


We have now built up a reliable customer base. From catering to sports clubs, schools, snack factories and fish factories.


We are able to completely unburden both large and small companies in the field of used deep-frying fats and oils.


Green Oil Recycling is not a middleman, but manages the chain of transport, processing and supply of raw materials for the biofuel. As a result, Green Oil Recycling can work with annual rates and give you a guarantee of a competitive price.


Honest & trustworthy

Green Oil Recycling is a service-oriented organization that is honest and reliable. This is how we distinguish ourselves from others in the market.


Short lines

Thanks to our flat organizational structure, we are uniquely able to keep the lines to our customers short.


Always available

We are always available for our clients.



We offer a solution for every client collecting used frying fats and oils. Green Oil Recycling works with drums and IBCs in various sizes, ranging from 50 kg to 1000 kg. In addition, we also have stainless steel containers for the hot disposal of large volumes of oils and fats. These stainless steel containers meet all the requirements set by the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority in the field of safety and hygiene. The packaging is made available free of charge. We can offer tailor-made solutions for special requirements.


Choosing Green Oil Recycling means choosing a reliable organization. We do everything we can to serve you well and to relieve you completely. Our employees and drivers are professionals who not only have an eye for their work, but are also involved with you as a customer.

Green Oil Recycling provides you with the following resources for the collection of your used frying fats:
50 kg
100 kg
120 kg
IBC 600/1000 L
Untitled design.png
180 kg
WhatsApp Image 2022-12-05 at 15.13.29-PhotoRoom.png
100 kg
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